Middlesbrough Wedding Photographer // Intimate Town Hall Wedding with Sophie + Steven

I feel like I relate to my beautiful bride Sophie in many ways. We both like to crochet (and no, it's not only for grandmas), we would choose an intimate and low-key event filled with real love and friendships over fancy impersonal ones any day, and of course, we both also enjoy a good game with our partners. Sophie and Steven's big day was bound to be filled with dark clouds and rain (which in return meant cozyiness indoors), because we barely escaped the rain on their engagement shoot, so we couldn't get away with it twice. Lovely ceremony at Middlesbrough Town Hall, followed with a reception back at Steven parent's house was filled with Sophie's amazing choice of homemade food and decorations. The speeches took my breath away; Steven and Sophie really worked hard to start their life together and they have such an amazing circle of supportive friends and family, I definitely shed a tear listening to their story. Sophie and Steven’s day also got featured on And So To Wed. http://www.andsotowed.com/blog/an-intimate-wedding-at-home-sophie-and-steven