Shelley + Roger | Lincolnshire Farm Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I enjoy going from large contemporary wedding venues to small family orientated ones in your own back garden. To me, however, what more important is the atmosphere and emotions flowing in the air, because if you don’t have that relaxed positivity at your wedding, no luxurious wedding venue will save the day.

Shelley and Roger’s farm wedding in Lincolnshire was an intimate family event that brought everyone together for this one special day, and it wasn’t just about the bride and groom, no. It was about the three generations coming together and catching up in a truly friendly atmosphere.

The wedding venue was their very own farm yard, that with Shelley daughter’s help was turned in a magical barn full of flowers, candles, hay bales to sit on and a fitting bar to go with it. This was then jazzed up with a local country band that got everyone dancing until the evening!

I really do enjoy weddings where I can feel that the style chosen for this event truly reflects the personalities of the couple. If it’s not “YOU”, don’t do it. Make your wedding day be a reflection of who you two are and where your priorities and style lay.

P.S. We got a hearty meal and plenty of sweets and desserts after this wedding, so I certainly would be excited to shoot one like this again!

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