Lucy + Adam |Scunthorpe Wedding

Lucy and Adam tied the knot at the lovely St. Peter ad Vincula Church, in Bottesford. Just look how spacious and beautiful  it looks inside!

We decided to follow the newly wed couple on the way to the wedding and get some shots as we’re driving, something that surprised the three of them (Lucy, Adam and Jeff, the chauffeur)!!

Reception was held in Hirst Priory, a very intimate wedding venue in Belton, Scunthorpe. The beauty of it was it’s a completely private venue that doesn’t house hotel rooms or restaurants, so we had the whole area all to ourselves! The room was decorated in soft pastels, and the cake was just one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen! And the best part? Lucy and Adam used actual plant pots as guest’s name cards, letting them take their own pot back home and grow it or replant it, how cute is that?

Not just the cake, the flowers were gorgeous! The chosen colours were subtle and elegant. We ‘stole’ the couple for a brief moment in the nearby wooden area that the venue uses for outdoors ceremonies, and had a “me and you” shoot. Every couple needs to have one of these, because that’s the point where you realise, “wow, I am married!” and get to truly enjoy the moment, away from all the guests and family. A moment of tranquility.

Anete Lusina

P.S. Thanks to all the vendors who made Lucy and Adam’s day even more special:

Flowers including floral table centrepiece- Flowerz & Stuff, Waltham

Cake- pocklington’s of Louth

Dress- Scarlet Poppy Bridal Boutique,  Leeds

Chair covers- Blush Venue Decor

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