Edith | Newborn in Lincolnshire

This lovely little bundle of joy has been filling Amy and Tim’s days with lots of love (and worries as they’re first time parents!). Ever since my first visit to Amy and Tim’s house, I told them they have to get some photographs of the house when it’s done because it’s a lifestyle magazine’s dream – wooden table tops, copper lamp shades, green plants everywhere, beautiful floor and staircase, neutral colours filled with little things that make it look so complete..

Anyway, even though I could spend ages shooting their house, my job for the day was to document baby Edith, from laying in her lovely wooden baby basket to being changed by Amy, to getting cuddled by both parents.

There’s something special about suddenly becoming a part of someone’s life when just a short while ago you didn’t even know them. It’s an honour that most of us lifestyle photographers truly appreciate, because these memories will be held dear by Edith and her parents for years to come. They’ll get looked at as she grows bigger, and they’ll definitely give Edith more understanding about her early years in this world.

Looking back at my old photos, I am thankful our parents often had a camera with them and as such we have plenty of photos of ourselves, but we never had a professional photographer come and spend a day with us to capture ALL of us, natural, at home.

Edith was a very well behaved baby, even if she required a few changes (you know, a typical girl), but her eyes hunted all around the walls and ceilings when I photographed her and a few times managed to get her looking straight at me. I am looking forward to seeing baby Edith grow up and change in a young little girl, because hopefully I’ll still be around in Amy and Tim’s life.

Anete Lusina


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