Christening with Aurelia + Neil

Ahh… don’t they grow up so quickly? Last time I saw baby Nancy she was just such a tiny thing and now she’s already grown so much bigger, it seems!

I absolutely loved being part of this christening for Aurelia and Neil’s children Nancy and Dexter. This time the shoot took me to a beautiful and intimate church – St. Stephens in Steeton and Silsden (try pronouncing that fast!).

I started this lovely day with a cup of coffee at a nearby hotel which actually had a wedding happening at the same time, unfortunately, turns out you could only pay cash for anything below £5 (and my coffee was only around £2), so I wandered around the village until I found a local cafe just across the road from the church that had mismatching tea mugs, everything was cheap and everyone knew everyone.

Aurelia and Neil’s family looked after me so well,  I even ended up going home with packed lunch and dessert, which were amazing! My boyfriend can testify to that, I shared it with him when he came to pick me up at the train station (definitely made his trip worthwhile!).

Anete Lusina

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