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Three photos in a collage. Left: Anete Lusina. Middle: Bouquet of roses. Right: Anete Lusina taking a photograph

My name is Anete Lūsiņa

The most basic set up - me with a cup of hot black coffee, placed next to my laptop as it is cooling down, with a couple of notebooks on the desk scattered around with all my future ideas and projects. I lose myself in the music as I edit hundreds of wedding images, I lose myself in the moment of those emotions I captured, which are full of love and a wide spectrum of emotions.

I never thought I am a people's person but after I shot my first wedding and my first portraiture, something changed. It's like when you find something you never knew you were looking for (how cliché is that?), but here I am. I have become a documentary photographer.

I'll walk the streets of Paris, capturing the stark differences of people down the Champs-Élysées, or in the vibrant, and somewhat daunting, areas behind Gare du Nord, but with the same skill, excitement and love for people I will document one's wedding.

So, what do they have in common? It's being in the right moment and time, and more importantly recognising it. It has taught me (and I never stop learning, why would anyone stop?) to react quickly, to see the right moment coming right in front of my eyes, and that's exactly how I begin documenting your wedding day, and continue throughout the day.

I respect traditions, in fact as a Latvian ex-pat I still try to hold onto mine but what really, truly inspires me? It's the clients who are adventurous, free-spirited, open to change and open to ideas.

So, let's preserve those dear traditions but let's make our own, too. Let's create something together that means something to you, not just to those around you. Let me be myself, with my sometimes weird ideas, but also don't forget to be you because that's exactly what I want to document with my photography.

Lifestyle and art blending together, mixed with authenticity.

If you think my style is what will translate your vision and personality into beautiful photographs, I'd love to hear from you.

So, what is a reportage, documentary or a photojournalistic wedding photography?

Three photos in a collage. Left: Newly weds holding hands. Middle: Close up of a flower. Right: Close up of wedding rings

This relaxed photography style means that I am not interrupting the flow of your wedding day, instead it's me quietly capturing those sweet moments between you and the guests as the day unfolds. My job is to let you enjoy your day and be an observer. I focus on raw emotions, but also spend time creating loving bride and groom photographs, that could grace a magazine. I am happy to shoot formal photos, because parents and grandparents will cherish those.

Wedding and Photography Blogger

I enjoy writing about all things related to weddings and photography, whether it's a brief humorous article or an insight into a more serious topic. I have worked with and written articles for these media outlets:

Meanwhile, why not purchase my book that will give you an idea what to prepare for as you enter the wedding photography business? The book also contains a discount on the upcoming workshops!

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